Nails Inc Baker Street

Today i want to show you one of the BEST blues on the market. This is Nails Inc Baker Street, it just! This polish is wondrous, the swatches here are just two coats, its self levelling, fast drying and glossy and i love it.

Now i do have to admit that no, it isn't as incredibly blue as Rescue Beauty Lounge IKB:2012. But it doesn't have the application problems that i have found with IKB:2012, it also doesn't have the steep price tag AND its easy to find!

Ive popped a couple of comparison shots at the bottom of the post for you to see for yourself how it compares to my other favourite blues.

In full sunlight

In the shade (granted it doesn't look any different but i just couldn't stop taking photos!)

Comparison shot: index finger - RBL IKB:2012, middle finger - Nails Inc Baker Street, ring finger - Barry M Indigo, pinky finger - Barry M Cyan Blue

Index finger: RBL IKB:2012
Middle finger: Nails Inc Baker Street
Both of these swatches are two coats, however on the IKB:2012 you can still see a slight VNL :-(

Ahhhhh how i love a good blue.

Nails Inc polishes are available here. They have wonderful customer service and their polishes are salon quality.
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Ditulis oleh: Kris Brooks - Tuesday, 29 May 2012

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