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Hello my chicky's! I hope you are all well today :-)

To start today's post i wanted to let you know a little something about me. You will find i am one of the most indecisive people you know! An example of this is I'll say I'll blog about one thing and then end up going in a totally different direction, and today is the perfect example of that. I had plans to do a post about Nostalgic Lacquer's Pride, this was partly because its awesome, partly because the last of the polishes were sold today and partly because i am proud of myself! Yes pride is one of the 7 deadly sins, however i have managed to score myself a job at this years Olympics in London on the Food Safety Inspection Team. These jobs are not easy to come by and I'm super happy about the prospect of being involved in something so major :-)

I have gone in a different direction for today's post and ill save Pride for another day. Today i have chosen to post about Zoya Tru as i had  the mother load of Zoya polishes arrive on my doorstep this morning. I had my little "drug mule" Hazel (of Haze Glaze fame) receive and send the polishes on to me as they don't ship internationally, thanks Hazel!

Tru is a beautiful dusty purple with a stunning gold shimmer running through it. I have to fully admit to being in love with this polish. I was given the coveted Dior Shadow a couple of months ago by my good friend Hannah and i have to say, as beautiful as it is it lacked some of the pizzazz that it showed in its promo photos. Tru has fulfilled that need for the gold shimmer perfectly, it looks as gorgeous in natural light as it does under artificial lights. These photos show two coats of Tru followed by two coats of Seche Vite, i love to have a glass cabochon look to my polishes so i always finish with a couple of layers of top coat.

Bottle shot!

Look at that shimmer :-)

Thanks for reading today, i appreciate each and every one of you! Zoya polishes are available from Zoya.com and retail for $8 (about £5.00)
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