Girly Bits Cosmic Ocean

Hello lads and lassies :-)

Today i have Girly Bits Cosmic Ocean, a wonderful blue/green colour shifting top coat. This polish is best when layered over dark colours so i thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out the fantastic Cult Nails Nevermore (the best black on the market, i guarantee you!).

This polish rocks my socks! Unfortunately the sun didn't want to play in the UK today but that didn't stop this polish from showing off some amazing colour shifts.

Green is the predominant colour that i saw today (damn you sun!) its almost like a ummm.......dragon scale type green, not sure if that makes ANY sense at all lol!

Here you can see the blue/turquoise/green colour shift a little more clearly

Yay for a little sun! The blue came out to play, just look at that awesome colour shift :-D

This is the royal blue showing its most flashy side and it truly is a glorious sight

The blue/green colour shift

You may have guessed from the number of photos that I'm a bit of a fan of this polish, this is just a selection of over 50 photos i took today.

Pam has a wonderful selection of polishes including glitters, duo/multichromes and holographics at the Girly Bits store and you can keep up to date with product launches and restocks at the Girly Bits Facebook page. Enjoy! ;-)
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Ditulis oleh: Kris Brooks - Thursday, 31 May 2012

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